April 11th is National 8 Track Tape Day.  How many of you remember the 8 - track tape?  Remember how it would switch tracks in the middle of your favorite song?  And how to get it to play properly, sometimes you had to put something under it.  And if you left it in the sun, it would never play right again.  Ah, those were the days.

The 8 - track tape, was magnetic tape sound recording technology.  This technology hung around from about the mid - 1960s until the early 1980s.  My first 8 - track tape player was portable and made by Lear.  I used to tell my friends that my 8 - track player was made by the same people who made jets, trying to make it seem better than whatever they had.  Well to my surprise, when doing the research for this story, I found that Stereo 8, the 8 - track tape, was created in 1964 by a consortium led by Bill Lear of Lear Jet Corporation.  So I was right all along and didn't know it.

Tomorrow morning Debbie Ray and I will spotlight songs that you may remember being played from 8 - track.  What was your favorite album on 8 - track?