There is an elderly, mostly mute man named Henry in a nursing home who become normal when he hears his favorite music.  One of the care professionals in the home, had seen the power of music have amazing results  on a female patient so she introduce music to what happened!

As I sit back in my office alone watching this video, I am moved to tears.  I have always known the power and strength of music.  Never in my life have I not turned to music to make the good times better and the bad times tolerable.  I am going to be 49 this year and I have never gone a single day without a song.  I always knew I wanted to be on the radio, never thought of doing anything else.  Got my first record player at 2 and the rest is history.  No other career has ever crossed my mind, ever!  I said on the air a few days ago to Debbie Ray, "When this stops being fun, it's time to give it up."  Many people may light up a cigarette or put on a pot of coffee first thing in the morning, but for me, it the radio.

This video is a testament as to the power of song.  I hope over the years that someone somewhere has benefited in some way from a song that I've had the privilege of playing on the air.  It really is a privilege for me.  Grated, being on the air allows me to make a living, but it's certainly not about the money.  I remember the early years working for free because it wasn't about the money but more about the joy and excitement.

A colleague of mine was telling me about a recent story by CBS that stated radio announcers would become extinct over the next several years.  Some of the ones that haven't a clue, who don't know their audience, who refuse to prepare, who lack the skill of communication, who won't embrace change and who haven't the love of radio in there heart may just disappear, but the ones who love broadcasting enough to care, remain compelling and still smile every time the mic goes on, will be around as long as people are given a reason to listen.

Remember to use music to set you free, to bring you back, to help you love, to make you sing, to move you (literally), use it to help get your point across, cry to it, laugh to it...allow it to help you feel.  May music take you where ever you need to be.