When shopping, do your friends tell you the truth?

You should always listen to your mother! According to a survey, women would rather shop with their moms than their girlfriends. Apparently many women trust their mothers’ opinions more than their friends’- after all, a friend’s input during a shopping trip could be tainted by jealousy, manipulation and false compliments.  Some friends!  But, paranoid as it may sound, there may be some truth to that fear- the survey also found that 20% of women have told a friend she looked good in something when she actually didn’t!  On the other hand, women appreciate the brutal honesty only a mother can dole out- mom will tell you if you really do look fat in those jeans, and you’ll know she means well when she says it.  Opinions aside, women also said shopping with their moms is more productive and focused, whereas it’s easy to waste time gossiping while shopping with friends.  The best part?  When mom picks up the tab!

[Via:  newslite]