A 24-year-old woman from North Carolina came out of a coma after hearing her week old baby crying.  Proving yet again, there is nothing more powerful than the bond between a mother and child.

Shelly Cawley was put to sleep for an emergency C-section.  Her daughter Rylan was born healthy but during the sugery, Shelly had a blood clot in her leg that broke loose causing her blood pressure to drop and she fell into a coma.

After a week, with no hope in sight, almost everyone had given up hope when a nurse by the name of Ashley Manus had an idea.  Knowing the bond between a mother and child is stronger than steel, she suggested that Shelly's husband put the baby on Shelly's chest to see if she'd respond.  Nothing happened.  The baby just went to sleep.  But this brilliant nurse had another idea, a last resort.  Make the baby make noise!  What happened then is close to a miracle.

They tried poking the baby, Rylan, but she never woke up.  So they pinched her...and she cried.  Shelly, the mother that had a slim to no chance of recovery, WOKE UP!

Shelly has made a full recovery and both mother, daughter and dad are all fine.  Rylan just celebrated her first birthday.

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