The mosquito has often been jokingly referred to as the "Louisiana State Bird." It's not a wonder! We have lots of prime breeding ground in our marshes, lakes, bayous, and fields...And Louisianans drink lots of beer. Many people think mosquitoes are attracted to certain hair or skin colors. That's not necessarily the case. The top five things that attract those nasty little pests have more to do with smells & moisture.
The #1 attraction is when you work up a sweat & exhale a lot of carbon dioxide.

Tom Ervin/Getty Images

Drinking beer comes in at #2. It changes your skin's chemistry & makes you "smell        good," at least to them. I wish I'd known that when I was in my early twenties!
They like smelly feet, too! For the top five things that draw those obnoxious little bugs, watch the video.