School's been out for a week and summer programs for kids have begun. If you haven't already signed up the young ones for some fun summer activities, it's not too late! Here are some more ideas for summer 2012 in Lafayette:

The Zoo of Acadiana's Jungle Camp runs for one-week sessions into August and gives kids a behind the scenes look at what goes on at a zoo, and includes entertainment, education and lunch!


Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana’s 8 week summer programs are underway- 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, for youth ages 6 to 18. Programs include education, career, character, leadership, arts, sports, fitness, recreation, and health and life skills. Kids will be able to participate in activities such as spelling and trivia competitions, field trips, bowling, skating, swimming, museums, parks, and movies. If you are interested in signing your child up, please contact your local Club.

  • Jackie Club-1000 Marie Antoinette, Lafayette, LA: 988-2582
  • Granberry Club-121 S. Washington St., Lafayette, LA: 232-6401
  • J.W. Faulk Club-711 E. Willow St., Lafayette, LA: 233-5820
  • Iberia Club-430 E. Pershing, New Iberia, LA: 364-7040
  • Vermillion Club-301 Memorial Drive, Abbeville, LA: 898-9745
  • Opelousas Club-814 E. Laurent St., Opelousas, LA: 407-9962


Project Fitness Sports Camp is underway at Acadiana Park, thru July 13, from 9am-3:30pm.
$35 Fee. For Info. Call Gabe Chavis @ 337.384.1184


Lafayette Public Library has loads of activities for kids of all ages this summer. Arts & crafts, music, performance, stress relief, history and more!

Starry, Starry Night Painting for ages 5–12 years. Celebrate summer by designing a sparkly star painting using watercolors and glitter.

Youngsville (856-9385)
June 5, 11:00 AM

June 5, 2:00 PM

South Regional
June 7, 2:00 PM

Broussard (837-3936)
June 12, 2:00 PM

Jefferson Street (261-5779)
June 14, 11:00 AM

Chenier (291-2941)
June 14, 2:00 PM

Scott (232-9321)
June 20, 11:00 AM

Duson (873-3521)
June 20, 2:00 PM

North Regional
June 28, 2:00 PM


The Art of Mehndi

Teens are invited to try their hands with Mehndi. Mehndi, or henna, is an integral tradition in most Indian families to start celebrations. Teen participants will learn how to apply Mehndi, work with designs, and learn about this art form. Presented by the Acadiana Indian Association. Preregister online at beginning May 21. All sessions are from 2:00 – 3:30 PM.

South Regional: June 5
Jefferson Street: June 7
Youngsville: July 12


Eric Herman and His Invisible Band

Multiple award-winning children's musician Eric Herman will do an incredible music show that includes fun and audience participation. His songs can be heard and seen on PBS kids, XM Radio, and more. Get ready for Eric, and by the way, where is his band? Ages 3–10.

Wednesday, June 6, 10:30 AM

Duson Community Center (next to Duson Branch)
Wednesday, June 6, 3:00 PM


Park Ranger Series

Thursdays, 7:00 PM, South Regional Library

This informative series will feature a National Park Ranger from the Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve who will teach attendees about National Parks, Louisiana Identity, and the Pirate Jean Lafitte. All sessions are held at the South Regional Library at 7:00 PM.

June 7: America's Best Idea: The National Parks
Come and learn about the history of national parks in the United States and find out why they are "the best idea America ever had."

July 12: Acadian to Cajun: A Cultural History
Become immersed in the history of Cajun culture, from the original Acadian population, to the many local influences that contributed to the evolution of culture in South Louisiana. This program will follow the Becoming Louisiana: Path to Statehood reception.

August 9: Jean Lafitte: History and Mysteries
Arrr! Join a Park Ranger and hear the stories of the pirate Jean Lafitte. Help separate fact from fiction and learn about the legends of this famous pirate.


Spine Tingling Campfire Tales for Tweens

June 7 at, 2:00 PM, North Regional Library

Storytellers will entrance tweens (ages 7–11) with an eerie "jump tale" while sitting around a makeshift campfire. A traditional folk song will engage kids to move their skeletons, creating goosebumps, gasps, and giggles. Glow in the dark bracelets and s'mores enhance this "nighttime" adventure. Parents may preregister by calling 896-6323 beginning May 31.


Lego Club

Children will build projects based on a theme. Building sessions are open to ages 7 and up and begin at 2:00 PM at the North Regional Library. An adult must accompany the child. Call North Regional at 896-6323 when preregistration begins for the following sessions:

Saturday, June 9 and Saturday, July 21


Teen Performance Troupe

Creativity Workshops and Performance

Workshops: June 11, 13, 18, 20- 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Rehearsal and Performance: June 22, 10:00 AM
South Regional Library

Teen volunteers are needed for voice actors, puppeteers, and behind-the-scenes help for puppet shows to be performed for young children by our Teen Performance Troupe. This summer will have hands-on creativity workshops where teens will create a puppet show to be performed on June 22. Preregister at beginning May 21.


The Wand of Dreams

Join Sean Driscoll and his Story Ship for an adventure to save the land of Happily Ever After. The Wand of Dreams has been stolen and everything is falling apart. Check out this interactive show with big screen animation, lots of magical props, and musical instruments! Ages 3 and up.

Tuesday, June 12 at the Carencro Community Center (next to the North Regional Library)
at 10:00 AM and Tuesday, June 12 at the  South Regional Library at 3:00 PM.


Printmaking Workshop for Teens

Teens are invited to experiment with printmaking by exploring multiple printmaking styles from stencils to photo transfers. Teens may bring a photocopy of a high contrast photo or image and found images to use in printmaking creations. All sessions are from 2:00  4:00 PM.

Duson: June 12
Milton: June 14
North Regional: June 21
South Regional: June 26


South Regional Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club

The South Regional Library Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the South Regional Library. Join us for a great discussion.

June 12: Watermind by M. M. Buckner

July 10: Integral Trees by Larry Niven

August 14: My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland


Relax Away the Stress

This highly informative series will be taught by Diane Queen, an Earth-based traditional herbalist. She has been working with plants and their energies for over 20 years. Each session is an hour-long.

North Regional Library, June 13, 6:30 PM
Relax: The Basics— Learn about herbs that are used for stress, sleep, and relaxation, and essential oils used to change your mood. A free tea sample will be provided.

South Regional Library, June 20, 7:00 PM
Sleep and Relaxation— This session focuses on stressors and their effects on the physical body, as well as tips on how to get a good night's sleep. The session also includes the use of herbs and aromatherapy. A free tea sample will be provided.

South Regional Library, July 11, 7:00 PM
Meditation and Breathing— Can't sit and "ohm" all night? Diane will talk about the many different ways of meditation and contemplation. There will also be a guided meditation.


Moving Tales: The Wish Fish

June 14 at 2:00 PM at the North Regional Library

Storytellers will stretch children's minds and bodies and then act it out with yoga, allowing them to retell the sequence of the story. A mosaic art project will embellish the session. Preregister by calling 896-6323 beginning June 7. Ages 7–11.


Dream Big with Scrapbooking

Thursday, June 14 at 2:00 PM at the South Regional Library

Children ages 5–12 will learn how to journal their dreams and preserve their memories through scrapbooking. Participants are encouraged to bring photos and other items from home to include in their scrapbook. Preregistration begins on June 1 and can be done by calling 981-1028.


Dream Big Concert with Roger Day

Children's award-winning musician and songwriter Roger Day will catch everyone's attention with his songs "Mosquito Burrito." High energy and audience participation will get everyone going and dreaming big! Ages 3 and up.

Monday, June 18 at 10:30 AM, Jefferson Street Branch

Monday, June 18 at 3:00 PM, Milton Branch

Louisiana in 1812

Dr. Michael Martin, Director of the Center for Louisiana History and Managing Editor of Louisiana History at UL Lafayette, will present an overview of Louisiana in 1812 that will give a political, social, economic, and demographic snapshot of the state during that time. Dr. Martin will also compare Louisiana to other Southern states during that time.

June 19 at 6:30 PM at the South Regional Library

June 21 at 6:30 PM at the North Regional Library

Alien  Craft

Tuesday, June 19 at the South Regional Library

Children ages 5–12 will create an out-of-this-world craft using foam, paint, and pompoms. Parents may preregister by calling 981-1028 beginning June 1.


Northside High Drill SQUAD

Come and check out the Northside High Drill SQUAD as they take the audience on a captivating journey, tracing the art of percussive stepping all the way back to its African roots. You'll see why this local team is not only the #1 team of its kind in the state, but also the Walt Disney World National High School Step Team Champion. Great for all ages!

Clifton Chenier Auditorium (next to Chenier Branch) June 19 at 2:30 PM

Carencro Community Center (next to North Regional Library) July 10 at 2:30 PM


South Regional Sleuths Mystery Book Club

Join the South Regional Sleuths Mystery Book Club for great discussion on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the South Regional Library.

June 19: Death Comes to Pemberly by P. D. James

July 17: Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson

August 21: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler


The Great Pizza Contest with Page Turner Adventures

Welcome to Mozzarella! Mayor Chovi decides to throw a party and must choose between the two pizza makers in town, Vincent and Leonardo. What to do? The entire audience is transformed into "Storyologists" that have to help in this outrageous tale! Ages 3–10.

Carencro Community Center (next to North Regional Library) on Thursday June 21 at 10 AM

South Regional Library on Thursday June 21 at 3 PM


Master Puppet Theater

June 22, 11:00 AM, South Regional Library

A special puppet show performance by the Teen Performance Troupe. For more information, call 981-1028.


It Came from the Toybox!

Charlie Williams is the "Noise Guy." The Noise Guy is a multi-talented performer (author, voice sound impressionist, and kids' comedian). With only a microphone and a box of toys, the Noise Guy will bring bedlam as he explores the noises that "pop!" and "whirr!" out of the toybox. Batteries NOT included! Ages 3 and up.

Monday, June 25, Jefferson Street Branch, 10:30 AM

Monday, June 25, South Regional Library, 3:00 PM

Run and Catch a Gingerbread man!

June 28
2:00 PM
South Regional Library

Kids ages 5–12 will decorate fun gingerbread men with paint, google eyes, and sequins. Preregister beginning June 1 by calling 981-1028.


Self-Publishing 101

June 30
1:00 PM
South Regional Library

Andrea Porter has eight years of experience in the self-publishing business. She will teach participants how to self-publish and how to succeed with their work.


Becoming Louisiana: Path to Statehood Exhibit

July 5– August 12
South Regional Library

Join us to view the traveling exhibition commemorating 200 years of Louisiana statehood. Presented by the Louisiana Bicentennial Commission, this exhibit will be on display at the South Regional Library. Collaboration was done among exhibition curator Herman Mhire, graphic designer Kate Ferry, and historian Charles Elliot. The exhibition documents the roles Louisiana's unique geography and cultural history played on its path to becoming the 18th state of the Union. The exhibit consists of a series of ten fabric panels displaying images and text that tell the story of early Louisiana history.

There will be an exhibit reception on July 12 at 6:30 PM at the South Regional Library. Refreshments will be served in the Meeting Room. Following the reception, a National Park Ranger will lecture on the cultural identity of Louisiana.


Cool Water Bottle Coozie

Children will have fun decorating a refreshing bottle of water using colorful felt to make a bat or raccoon-themed coozie. All craft supplies including water bottle will be supplied. Preregister by calling the branch nearest you beginning June 25.

North Regional (896-6323)
July 5, 2:00 PM

Youngsville (856-9385)
July 10, 11:00 AM

Milton (856-5261)
July 10, 2:00 PM

Scott (232-9321)
July 12, 11:00 AM

Duson (873-3521)
July 12, 2:00 PM

Broussard (837-3936)
July 17, 2:00 PM

Jefferson Street (261-5779)
July 19, 11:00 AM

Chenier (291-2941)
July 19, 2:00 PM

South Regional (981-1028)
July 19, 2:00 PM


Teen Yoga for Stress Relief

Teens will be introduced to basic yoga poses as well as meditative techniques that will promote mindfulness and acceptance. This program will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the North Regional Library. In order to get the full benefit, participants should plan on attending all six sessions. Parental consent is required. Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or large towel. Preregister by calling 896-6323 beginning June 25.

All sessions are from 2:00–3:00 PM at the North Regional Library.
July 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26


Experimental Film Workshop for Teens

Whether you want to be a director, producer, or editor, our workshop led by AOC Community Media is the perfect place to learn how to use digital media to tell the stories you want to tell. In this workshop, you'll learn how to storyboard an idea, turn that idea into a short list, then actually use cameras to capture shots. Your final step is editing and enjoying watching your video with friends! Preregister at beginning June 25.

All sessions are from 12:00 – 3:00 PM.

South Regional
July 10

North Regional
July 13

Jefferson Street
July 19

Night Owls: Show Your Colors

Thursday, July 12
2:00 PM
South Regional Library

Children ages 5–12 will learn to create a nigh owl that really shows its colors. Preregister beginning June 25 by calling 981-1028.


Mitch Richard’s Magic Show

Local magician, Mitch Richard, will put on a show full of fun interactive comedy and magic. He is a talented juggler, musician, balloon artist, comedian, and bubble artist. His shows will entertain one and all! Ages 3–13.

Thursday, July 12
Milton Branch
10:30 AM

Thursday, July 12
Jefferson Street Branch
2:30 PM

Tuesday, July 24
Butler Branch
2:30 PM


Dulcimer Music with Mike Anderson at July ArtWalk

Saturday, July 14
6:00 – 8:00 PM
Jefferson Street Branch

Mike Anderson, one of the premier dulcimer players in the country, will be performing for July's ArtWalk at the Jefferson Street Branch. Anderson has been playing the dulcimer for more than 30 years and has performed and taught the dulcimer across the United States. He will present a wide variety of instrumental music, ranging from traditional to modern folk to soft rock.


Mike Anderson, Storyteller and Musician

Mike Anderson's kids' shows are legendary. His dynamic performance style keeps the audience, both young and old, entranced. Stories and five different musical instruments make his shows all  kids will talk about for quite a while. Mike blends stories and music to make a great show! Ages 3 and up.

Saturday, July 14
North Regional Library
10:30 AM

Saturday, July 14
South Regional Library
2:30 PM

Thursday, July 20
Youngsville Branch
10:30 AM

Thursday, July 20
Duson Community Center (next to Duson Branch)
3:00 PM


Harvey Rabbit and Friends Show

Mr. Tim and Mrs. Laura Allured perform a fun-filled, fast-paced, high-energy show, which includes puppetry, music, comedy, magic, ventriloquism, and audience participation. Through light-hearted dialogue with large puppet characters Harvey Rabbit, Cecil the Orangutan, and T-Boy the Alligator, the Allureds promote books, summer reading, and libraries. Ages 3 and up.

Monday, July 16 at Carencro Community Center (next to the North Regional Library)
10:00 – 11:00 AM

Monday, July 16 at South Regional Library
3:00 – 4:00 PM


CSI Lafayette for Teens

Tuesday, July 17
2:00 – 4:00 PM
South Regional Library

Come and experience what it really means to be a member of a Crime Scene Investigation unit! Professor DeLay of the UL Lafayette Criminal Justice Department will create a live crime scene. Participants must investigate the crime scene and gather evidence to solve the crime. Preregister at beginning June 25.


All Day Anime

Saturday, July 21
11:00 – 4:00 PM
South Regional Library

UL Lafayette's Anime Club will host a day of anime, cosplay, and drawing contests with prizes and anime-related workshops and snacks. Teen participants should bring a bag lunch for this day of anime. Preregister online at beginning June 25.

Zoo Zoom’s Little Traveling Zoo on Wheels

Monday, July 23
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
South Regional Library

This traveling zoo is not just a petting zoo. Animal activists Brett and Lori Matte bring their collection of both exotic and native animals to educate children and adults about how to interact with these animals with both respect and kindness. Great for all ages.


Empower Yourself! How to Avoid Scams, Fraud, and Hoaxes

Wednesday, July 25
5:00 PM
South Regional Library

A representative from the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana will speak about the mission of the BBB. AScam prevention, best informational resources that track them, and the most targeted groups will be discussed. Learn how to handle suspicious situations and what to do if your information has been compromised.


Animanga Club

Wednesday, July 25
6:00 – 7:30 PM
South Regional Library

Teens will watch clips from new Anime and discuss Manga favorites in this 1.5 hour teen gathering. Refreshments will be provided. For more information, call the North Regional Library at 896-6323.

Monster Jug Head Craft

Thursday, July 26
2:00 PM
South Regional Library

Children ages 5–12 will make monstrous creations come alive from plastic jugs and paint. Parents may preregister by calling 981-1028 beginning July 9.


Film Screening: Triumph at Carville: A Tale of Leprosy in America

Wednesday, August 8
7:00 PM
South Regional Library

The South Regional Library will show this special film that chronicles the 100 years of Public Health Services Hospital #66 in Carville, Louisiana. The documentary will teach about the patients and those who worked tirelessly to erase the stigma of Hansen's Disease (more frequently known as leprosy). Claire Manes, local historian, will be in attendance to answer questions about Carville and to share the story of her grandfather's life as a patient in Carville. This film is being presented on behalf of PBS.

CONTACT Emma Guillory, Community Services Specialist at the  Lafayette Public Library for more information at 337.261.5763 or email