What do more people do at exactly 2:36 PM on Mondays?  And why exactly 2:36?

Experts say this action coincides with the post-lunch lull.  And also because people are still mourning the loss of the weekend.

Monday afternoon at exactly 2:36 pm is the time people are most likely to email pictures or post them to Facebook. More than half do most of their content sharing while at work.  People somewhat relive the weekend by sharing photos of the weekend.  The most commonly-shared online content are personal photos, followed by pictures of animals, promotions and special offers, funny pictures, news stories, jokes and viral videos.

Almost half of the participants in this survey say they share photos and videos to make people smile, while 37% do it to feel closer to friends and family. On the other hand, 23% share content just to get a reaction and almost 20% do it to draw attention to themselves.

[Via:  Mail Online]