In addition to Brandy Hotard, from Port Allen, Louisiana, American Idol turned up quite a few more talented individuals at the Baton Rouge auditions. They are:


Megan Miller from Ethel, currently Miss greater Baton Rouge, hobbled into her audition on crutches and left for surgery on her leg right after her audition.

Dustin Watts, a firefighter from Albany, Louisiana.

Burnell Taylor, originally from New Orleans and relocated to Baton Rouge post-Katrina.

Emily White, now a street performer in New Orleans, originally from Elmira, New York.

And by the way, if you were wondering about some of the shots from outside the New Orleans Arena which were used on the broadcast, it's because the preliminary auditions were held in NOLA, with those who made the cut there auditioning in front of the judges in Randy Jackson's hometown of Baton Rouge.