Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke with the press about measures being taken to protect Baton Rouge and New Orleans from Mississippi River flooding and stated, "If your property flooded in 1973, you can pretty well count on it flooding again this year."  The governor was referring to the possible opening of the Morganza Spillway. Residents and business owners in the Atchafalaya Basin area are anxiously awaiting news of the Corps of Engineers decision. KATC meteorologist Rob Perillo says, if it is opened, which remains to be decided,  "This flood will be limited to 'river-vulnerable' communities and will not flood locations in New Iberia, Lafayette and westward; the rest of Acadiana will just ironically continue to suffer through a very bad drought." While owners of camps and businesses are making preparations to save what they can from the rising water, crawfish farmers may actually benefit according to Louisiana Crawfish Farmer’s Association Director Stephen Minvielle.