Some friends of mine lost their 11 year old Blue Heeler yesterday in the Carencro area, near Hector Connoly.  A Blue Heeler named "Bullett".

Here is the worst part:  Bullett is almost blind.

When someone sees a dog that seems "disoriented", they may assume the worst and may be afraid to approach the animal to help.

My friends just moved to a new house last week, and "Bullet" escaped from his pin, and they are concerned because Bullet is going blind, and does not know the area yet.  They live off of Bergeron Loop in Carencro, and Bullett was last seen in a field near Hector Connoly and Bergeron Loop between 4-5 Monday afternoon.

Bullett is short, a little hefty, and may appear disoriented because of the blindness and new surroundings. His coat is silver and dark grey with a bit of brown on his muzzle.

My friends have been in contact with the animal shelters, and they will be going by daily to see their latest rescues.

If you have seen Bullett, or if you can offer any assistance in helping to reunite them, please call 337-288-7097