Hurry! These words are being used by teens and millennials now but may go out of vogue in the next ten minutes.

USA Today has a list of 15 words and phrases teens/millennials are using that may be confusing to people over the age of 30. Here are the ones I see and hear most. Note: some of these will be NSFW.

  • 1


    Somebody's group of friends or just one really good friend.

    "I forgive you. You're my fam!"

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  • 2


    Something that's hot and happening. It's the new, hip version of 'cool.'

    'You need to see Logan. It was lit!'

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  • 3


    Thirsty means desperate, over - eager, or impatient, especially in relationships.

    'Bob's never gonna get with Sally if he keeps acting so thirsty around her.'

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  • 4


    Means putting someone down or dissing them, usually used with a variation of 'throw.'

    'I hit Ted because he kept throwin' shade at my bae.'

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  • 5


    Being angry or bitter at a specific person.

    'She's still salty with me because I threw shade on her roomate.'

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  • 6

    AF [NSFW]

    AF stands for 'as f***' and is used to emphasize something else.

    'Stayed up late listening to Chris Meaux's lit podcast last night and now I'm tired AF.'

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  • 7

    Hundo P

    This one's short for 'hundred percent,' though not shorter than writing out '100%' if you're texting or using social media. Used to describe something really awesome (lit) or certain. It's kind of like 'totally.'

    'The PolyPoHo is Hundo P the only thing I listen to on Friday mornings.'

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  • 8


    Saying something raw or uncensored or unexpected. Kind of like having no filter.

    Earl: 'She told me she wasn't Hundo P into me anymore on the day my grandma died.'

    Fred: 'That's savage!'

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  • 9

    Clap Back

    A snappy comeback you know will push the other person's buttons and rile them up.

    'Jaycee kept making fun of my shoes, but I said at least I still have all my hair. He wasn't expecting me to clap back.'

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  • 10


    Means exactly what goals means (something desired or worked towards) but is used as an adjective instead of a noun. Means 'desirable' in most uses.

    'The way they look at each other is goals.'

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