I like it when advertisers keep it simple, and the Met Life Superbowl commercial did just that, using the Peanuts characters.  But, something about the commercial is amiss...

I am sure that the Peanuts creators didn't mean any disrespect, but it happened.  The commercial opens with Schroeder wheeling his piano out to midfield at the Met Life Stadium.  Charlie Brown is in the control booth; Snoopy and Woodstock in the stands; Linus and Lucy are near the concession stands in the concourse.

As Schroeder begins to play the Star Spangled Banner, all those characters, and others,  gather around the piano to listen.

Beautiful, simple, and almost perfect.  Almost.

Tell me if you can see what is wrong in the video



Did you see it?  Yup, Woodstock didn't remove his hat.  I wish that this could have been perfect :(

EDIT:  Mike Micheels, of Shreveport, weighed in on the subject with this observation:

"If you start it, you should finish it, in its entirety."

As you are listening to "Schroeder's" version of the Star Spangled Banner, notice that he skips a whole verse...  that part doesn't sit well with me or Debbie Ray, either.


(Via Youtube)