Ladies, you may think you know everything about your man, but you probably don't.  This new survey is...shall we say...revealing!

A survey revealed one in five men have a secret email account they use for private correspondence.  Two thirds of men also keep their passwords a secret from their partners.  And men wonder why women don't trust them.

Know what else the survey out of 20 men have a second cell phone for conducting private business.  Your guy very well could have a cell phone that you know nothing about!  Close to 80% of guys regularly delete text messages in case their partner goes through their phone, and many say they wouldn’t want anyone to see their Google search history.

I have a friend who motto is, "No Man Can Be Trusted", hum, they may be on to something.  Oh and just for the record, one out of four guys have been dumped because their partner made an incriminating discovery on their phone or computer!

[Via:  Mail Online]