I had a great three-day weekend over the Memorial Day holiday:  it started, as it should, with one of my families:  the Vietnam Veterans of America's Memorial Day Ceremony at the Lafayette Fire Department's Training Facility on N. Dugas Road on Saturday morning:

The Lafayette Fire Department's Honor Guard presented the Colors for the ceremony, and they also performed the "Folding of the Flag" ceremony.  Not only did the Lafayette Fire Department agree to have the ceremony in their facility, but with their flawless execution of their duties during the ceremony, it was plain to see their dedication to their community and to their country.  If you haven't seen the Lafayette Fire Department, dressed in their "Dress Uniforms", let me tell you:  they look SHARP!!

Most of the people in attendance were either former or current military or family members of those who were lost defending our country.   I wish more 'Average Joes' would attend to show their gratitude.

On Sunday, it was a day to gather with my other family (another part of what Memorial Day is about) at Palmetto Island State Park south of Abbeville:

On Monday, Shannon and I hit the river!  We launched the boat at Rotary Point and took a leisurely cruise up the Vermilion, all the way to Beau Bassin Road.  Tucker did get a chance to play "Titanic" while we were cruising:

Many people drive over the Vermilion daily, and some probably never even think about being ON the river.  It really is beautiful, in it's own Cajun Country way:

I hope that your Memorial Day Weekend was a good one, filled with family, friends, a love for your country and a moment of silence for those who have died defending her.