If you haven't heard about "Lafayette's newest night out" yet, Pinot's Palette, allow me to inform you:  it's a hoot!!

Pinot's Palette had their Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening celebration yesterday, and members of the media were invited to live the Pinot's Palette motto, "Paint, Drink and Have Fun."

Brandifer, our artist, led us through the night's featured fun painting: a fall scene with trees, leaves, water, and a sunset!

Brenda was able to lead us (even me, the guy who can't draw a stick figure!) step-by-step through each stage of the painting, displaying tremendous patience when I would ask a question (which was after ever 4 or 5 brush strokes!).

We were very luck to have Becca as our artist; not only was she able to deal with a bunch of radio people (which isn't the easiest task in the world), she was also able to come right back at us with a one-liner of her own... it was so much fun!!

Brandy taught us about colors, the brushes, strokes, technique and clean-up, and was still able to point our way to the beverage service station......  PERFECT!!

(You may have noticed by this point that I have no clue what our artist's name is/was, but I am pretty certain that it started with a "B")

Here I am with the owner of Pinot's Palette, Aaron Miller...

Staff Photo


If you would like to schedule a night at Pinot's Palette for you and your friends, you can find them online at PinotsPaletteLafayette.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PinotsPaletteLafayette, or just call them at 337 232-1533

Paint, Drink, Have Fun at Pinot’s Palette!