The Cajun Harley Owners Group took a road trip today to the MDA Summer Camp in Pollock, Louisiana.

The Cajun HOG Chapter tours the camp grounds (Staff Photo)

There were a total of 19 motorcycles that made the trip from Cajun Harley-Davidson in Scott, taking back roads up to Opelousas, and then I-49 to Alexandria.

One of the pavilions at the MDA Camp (Staff Photo)

The Cajun HOG holds several fundraisers each year, specifically to fund this camp.  It was a day that the HOG members could see first-hand the fruits of their efforts.

Randy Hopper explains to members of the HOG chapter what camp means to the kids, counselors, and family members. (Staff photo)

I wish that you could go to the camp to see what I saw today:  the camp counselors really get into the spirit of being a counselor, or "Camp Buddy", to these kids.  The counselors make certain that every aspect of the camp is perfect for their buddies.  They even went so far as to "paint the field" for the football game!

The camp counselors really get 'into' camp, and go all out to make it great for the kids!! (Staff Photo)

I was asked to be a referee for the game (don't they know about my limited knowledge of sports??  HA!!)

Guess who was "volunteered" to referee the MDA football game?!? (Staff selfie)

To show what kind of spirit exists at the camp, let me set up this next video for you:  Bay 3 (cabin 3) came down with a virus for a few days this week (just a stomach bug).  Camp advisors "quarantined" the cabin until the bug was gone.  Today was the day that they were to "Free Bay 3".  Here is how Bay 3 made its comeback to camp!

All-in-all, it was a great day.  To see the kids so excited to be playing football; to see the counselors so excited to watch the kids have fun; to see the looks on the families faces to see their kids BEING KIDS.  It was a good day.

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