When I was in high school, I'd often go to breakfast at the local Mr. Cook in Abbeville with a friend of mine. We'd see a group of "regulars" every Friday, elderly gentlemen who would gather after morning Mass or before work to drink coffee and catch up. This was a weekly ritual for them, and it was fun to listen to them talk and laugh together.

This is a pretty common occurrence in other fast food restaurants, most of which consider it to be good for business and for their customers. But one McDonald's in Flushing, Queens, has a problem with its regulars. The elderly men who frequent the Flushing McDonald's only order coffee and an occasional small order of fries and often stay from morning until well after dark. The men also refuse to allow other customers to sit and have been kicked out of the restaurant by the police on more than one occasion. Click here to read the full story and hear more from both sides of the counter.

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