Did you know that you can open up those little sample cups that McDonald's uses for ketchup?

I distinctly remember how I found out about the "sample" cups that open up to the size of a small saucer:  we used to put them into our cupped hand, circled by our thumb and forefinger.  When you clapped your other hand together with the first, it would make that little "sample cup" fly into the air!



Well, one time, I guess that I had great compression on the clap, because it caused the sample cup to "undo" the area where it was crimped.  When I pulled on the rest of the crimps, they opened up to make a flat surface!  I said "Whoa!  This is going to be perfect for dipping larger items that don't fit into the cup!"

Anyway, while CJ and Debbie Ray and I were at McDonalds, I demonstrated the opening of the cup to an amazed audience:

That's it.  That's all I got.  I hope that you find it useful....