NBC Eyewitness News 13 in Indiana shows a massive IRS tax loophole which provides over $4 billion per year in tax credits to millions of illegal aliens.

Guess who's paying for this incredible misuse of money...you are!  In many cases recipients of American taxpayers' misused monies have never set foot in the United States.

If you thought America had problems before, wait til you watch this video.

IRS Tax Fraud

A device known as the Additional Child Tax Credit is being used to pay for children living in Mexico — who have never lived here. One thief admitted through an interpreter that his address is being used to file tax returns for numerous children, including multiple nieces and nephews. "If the opportunity is there and they give it [to him] why not take advantage of it?" he asked in Spanish. As a stunning example, thousands in tax credits have been awarded to an illegal alien who claimed 20 children live in a single trailer, that actually housed just one little girl.