The Polyester Power Hour is on till noon with CJ and Debbie Ray on KTDY, and here's what's going on inside and outside behind the scenes this morning at Townsquare Media...

8:30 AM

The float looks pretty lonely right now...

photo by Debbie Ray

The beads are ready and waiting to be loaded...

photo by Debbie Ray


CJ is working hard for some beads from Bernie.


9:10 AM

The DJ is setting up the sound.

Steve has extra gas.

Steve has the gas can, just in case!


Jen is guarding the beverages.


9:25 AM

We're bringing the Army! Thank you, gentlemen!

Here's what it look like before the bead are on board.

Loading the beads (and the Jell-O shots) onto the float!

Miss Tammy shaking a delicious Mardi Gras liquid.