Does Your Office Have The Fever?

With March Madness just days away, office pools will likely be a common sight in the office. One-in-five workers said they have participated in March Madness pools at work, according to CareerBuilder’s annual survey. Highlights show:

  • 28% of male workers have participated in March Madness pools in the office, compared to 11% of females.
  • 27% of workers in the Midwest said they’ve bet on a March Madness pool at work, compared to 20% in the Northeast, 17% in the South and 16% in the West.

March Madness isn’t the only reason workers are signing up for office pools. Workers also reported the most unusual office pools they’ve placed bets on:

  • How long someone could keep binder clips attached to his body.
  • What time during the day a co-worker would fall asleep at her desk.
  • The number of words a manager would say in a meeting since he was very quiet. The winner was a co-worker who guessed 11 words.
  • The measurement in inches around a pregnant co-worker’s belly.
  • What a co-worker would use as his next excuse to call off work.
  • How many people would call in sick the day a new video game came out.
  • How late a co-worker was going to be to a meeting.
  • Who would be the next pope.
  • Who would win the National Spelling Bee.
  • Blood alcohol results on drunk patients.
  • How long two co-workers would date.
  • Who could grow the best mustache.

[Via:  Career Builder]