It's been a tough season for Saints fans, and it could get even worse. On the other hand, something really cool could happen. Last night's debacle at the hands of the New York Giants insured the Saints can do no better than a .500 season.

We've all said "Wait 'til next year" before.

This may sound strange, but Saints fans may want to become Giants fans for the next few weeks. As things stand right now, the road to the Super Bowl in the NFC goes through Atlanta. Does the thought of the Falcons playing a Super Bowl in New Orleans turn your stomach? Mine, too! The way I see it, the G-Men are the best bet to keep that from happening. Last January, they went into Lambeau Field & ousted the defending champion Packers. Then they won the NFC Championship game three time zones away from home. Just a couple years earlier, they played three road playoff games on the way to ending the Patriots' dream of a perfect season. By the way, their quarterback is the son of a New Orleans legend.

He has an older brother. His team's playing well, too. If the Saints can't play a Super Bowl in their home stadium, how about a Manning Vs. Manning Super Bowl in NOLA?