A man known for paying for others' meals got a surprise when he returned to a Boston restaurant three years after paying it forward.

Pankaj Shah, while eating at a restaurant in Boston one night, ask the waiter to

find the couple who look most in love

and pay for their meal.  The staff obliged, and Mr. Shah went on his way.

Fast forward 3 years:  Mr. Shah returned to Boston, and to that same restaurant.  While there, the manager, having recognized Mr. Shah, approached him and informed him that the SAME couple from 3 years ago was eating in the restaurant, and that they had, just moments ago, gotten engaged!

According to Cafemom.com,

The guy said they were sitting at that same table three years ago and some stranger paid for their meal and made them think about kindness and love and they’ve been talking about it ever since. They’ve incorporated it into their lives and said there was no other place he could have proposed, it was their most impactful memory.

The story goes on to say that the couple wished to remain anonymous, but they did invite Mr. Shah to the wedding.

Paying it forward might just make someone else's day... or life!

(Via Cafemom)