One of the "joys" of our early marriage was when my wife and I discovered that she was quite the "active" sleeper, if you will. We'd only been married for about a week when I found myself awakened in the middle of the night by my wife putting her hand on my face and pushing or, even better, kicking me! While my bride is no sleepwalker, she certainly was a sleep-slapper and sleep-kicker.

Imagine, though, that you or your a sleep-shooter. As in, taking a gun while asleep and shooting yourself or someone else. It's a scary thought to say the least, and it unfortunately happened to a New Hampshire man whose name remained unreleased. The man thought he was dreaming that he had shot himself in the knee, but awoke in his kitchen to find he was holding a gun and was bleeding from his knee. The man called his wife who then promptly called 9-11; while his injuries were serious, they were not life-threatening.

The lesson? Keep your guns locked up.