There are always two shows going on at KTDY, the one on the air and the one off the air, as proven here when Rob Kirkpatrick comes in to visit CJ and Debbie Ray during the Polyester Power Hour.

Friday mornings in the KTDY control room are extremely hectic.  The Polyester Power Hour is a show that is done on the fly, it's an all request show of 70s and 80s fun music to get the weekend started.  There's a lot of searching for songs and the watching of social media, email and standard phone lines for requests.  Also, many clients are on the phone with us live during the show, so all that has to be lined up while the show is going on.  The commercial inventory is heavy, which leads to even more responsibilities.  And a lot of buttons have to be pushed in the right order for four hours.  It is CRAZY!

The fun music during the Polyester Power Hour also brings many many people in and out of the KTDY studio on Friday mornings.  And every now and then, something gets captured on video!