The story goes like drinks too much, man loses his car, man takes years to find it.

We've all walked out of a store into a full parking lot only to forget where we parked, but for a man in southern Germany, after a night of drinking he couldn't find his car...for 2 years!  After having too much to drink one evening, the unidentified man drew a blank on where he left his car.

After an unsuccessful search for the car the next day, the man called the Munich police.  The car was lost in December of 2010, just last month a traffic cop found the car when he noticed a parked vehicle with an expired inspection sticker.  The car was two-and-a-half miles from the spot where the 33-year-old originally thought he had parked.

Car and owner were eventually reunited.  True story!  Wonder if vodka was involved?

[Via:  TVNZ]