Many people associate the end-of-the-year holidays with colder temps, and most post cards that you can buy about Christmas and New Year's include some reference to snow; whether it be a snow man, snow balls, a snow-covered village, or CJ making yellow snow - most of them contain some reference to snow.

Now, through the magic of modern technology and the Intraneck, YOUR home can be covered in snow this year!  Click here to put your home into the snow!!

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany


(For those with "Clickaphobia", it's just a link that will take you to a website that works with a Google Map App that puts the photograph linked to the address that you enter into a snow globe.  Don't worry, there's no picture of CJ making yellow snow!)

Put in your address, take a screen cap of your house in a snow globe, print it and use it as the image for your Christmas cards!!  (You can thank me with pumpkin pies, if you'd like!)

Merry Christmas!!