Ricky Wright, father of missing UL student Danielle Wright, is asking you to call the Secretary of State's office and leave a message, encouraging him to send resources to help in the search for the Nina and her crew..

In a message posted on Facebook today, Danielle's father writes:

We still would like the US to send planes out for searches!
Please Call Secretary of State John Kerry. Here are 5 simple steps:
1-Call 202-647-4000
2-Hit option 4 for an operator
3-Ask for the Secretary of State John Kerry Comment Line
4-Hit option 1 to leave a message. It doesn't give you long, but will give you a 15 second warning towards the end.
5-Make sure you hit the closing selections, eg: 1, #, etc. to get your recording complete and submitted.

Example message; “Hi, my name is ____________ and I am calling to ask Secretary of State John Kerry to support The Search for the missing yacht Nina and her 7 crew members. Please help them with mitary aircraft, software and anything else.”

The US will only respond if they hear the masses shout out to them!
THANK YOU, Ricky Wright

Your voice could be the one to help Secretary of State John Kerry make the decision to send US boats and planes to help this family bring home their little girl.  Please, take a moment to call today.  Call right now.  Share this post on Facebook and Twitter, asking your friends and family to call.  Imagine this were your sister, or daughter.....