I received an e-mail from my cousin Joyce this morning.
Her son & daughter in law are moving to Louisiana. He's accepted a position as a project manager for a new hospital. This type of story has become increasingly common place.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Four years ago, Site Selection Magazine had the state ranked #25 nationally for its business climate. Louisiana reached #7 in 2012. This year, we're ranked at #6. Governor Jindal tweeted a press release making the announcement this morning.

“For decades, Louisiana was losing jobs and our people because we did not have a good business environment. Companies were fleeing our state because of high taxes, and other companies didn’t give us a second look because our state was too corrupt."    - Gov. Bobby Jindal

The Site Selection survey ranks our state #1 for both its existing workforce skills, and training programs.
It often seems to me that nearly everything on the "News" is gloom & doom, so I thought I'd share this with you.