Louisiana native Scotty Granger survives another round on Bravo's 'Platinum Hit', a TV show that gives more of a behind-the-scenes look than most reality shows. It also incorporates plenty of personality, drama and romance. The cast includes New Orleans native Scotty, who you may remember from the 2009 season of ABC's 'Wipeout'. He's the great-nephew of Mahalia Jackson and the brother of NBA All-Star Danny Granger, so you can see why he's a talented musician and athlete! I got the chance to chat with him today about the show- listen below. Watch 'Platinum Hit' on Fridays at 7pm Central on Bravo!

Click the green arrow to listen to Scotty talk about how he got on the show, Johnny and Jes, why they use pens and paper on the show and more:



Watch Scotty succeed and wipe out on Wipeout:

'Walk Through Walls' featuring Scotty, Johnny and Jes