Jamie Wax, a native of Baton Rouge, hosted a feature about Louisiana Crawfish on CBS Sunday Morning.

I remember seeing Jamie Wax and his one-man plays at Abbey Players Theatre in Abbeville.  "Going to Jackson" and "Merry Christmas Lyman Bourg" are the two that I remember, and they were funny, heartwarming, and both caused you to take a moment and look at yourself, maybe even reevaluate things.

I do remember, while speaking with Jamie, he told me that he had auditioned for the hosting position on American Idol, having "placed" third in that audition, right behind the two who were initially hired for the job, Brian Dunkelman and Ryan Seacrest.

A very funny, caring and immensely talented individual; it's cool to see that he has made it all the way to CBS Sunday Morning, and great to see that he is promoting our culture!!

Check out the video above (shot mostly in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, but we won't hold that against him.  Ha!)

Great job, and congrats, Jamie!


(Via CBS)