When Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac was blowing through here (thank goodness things were minimal for most of Acadiana), it reminded me of how pets sometimes can't handle the stress/excitement of bad weather.

Lost and Found Pets Acadiana is a Facebook page dedicated to reuniting lost and found pets with their owners.

We have posted this link to our website before today, but I thought that it would be timely to post it again to keep it fresh in your brain!

If you find a pet, or lose a pet, Lost and Found Pets Acadiana might just be one click away from bringing  Man's Best Friend home!

For those who may have lost their pet while traveling, PetFinder.com might be a great resource for you.  It is a website for "pounds" and shelters to post animals that are currently housed there.

Keeping current rabies tags, along with a tag that contains your contact information on your pet at all times can greatly increase the chances of you being reunited.  And the cost of implanting a "chip" in your pet is well worth the heartache it can prevent.

A quick Google Search for "Veterinary Clinics Lafayette La" produces 157,000 results.  You should be able to find a vet near you who can "chip" your pet!


(Via Facebook and Google)