If you've been following the Steve Gleason/Atlanta Radio station story, you already know that the guys who made fun of Steve Gleason's condition have been fired. You probably also know they referred to an article in Sports Illustrated. In the piece, Gleason was acting as a fill-in for regular 'Monday Morning Quarterback' columnist Peter King. The radio guys decided somehow that would be a good building block for a 'bit' on their show. Then they detoured into truly brutish behavior. I am asking you to forget those guys. Forget the audio clip, forget the goofballs who made a terrible decision to mock a disabled man. The article that Steve Gleason wrote is the part we should be paying attention to. In it, Steve Gleason wrote, using only his eyes on a special computer, about his diagnosis, his life with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease,) and how he found meaning in it all. It's a wonderful piece and everyone should read it. Scott Fujita thinks so too:


The more I think about it, the more I wonder if those guys in Atlanta should have been fired. Maybe instead, they should have been required to stand up and admit they're just a bunch of stupid bullies and face the repercussions instead of hiding away from it all and hoping people forget about it.