In an age of electronic equipment and technology that is supposed to allow us to be better connected, ever notice how we seem to be losing the attention of our own families?Does this happen at your house? You say something to your child and there is no response, so you say it again, and the second time you get, "huh?", and by the third time you're either mad or have lost the energy to try to communicate?

My kids don't live with me anymore, but when they do come visit, we all seem to be nose first into our smartphones and communication is at best lackluster. When we do manage to get into each others ears, we are so distracted that many times the point is either lost or misunderstood which leads to a whole new problem of trying to solve the misunderstanding, ugh!

I'd like to implement a plan.  When I have family over, I have them deposit their cellphones in a drawer after putting them on silent, including mine.  So that we can actually look up and see who's in the room. We can actually look each other in the eyes while forming a coherent sentence.  But is this asking too much?  Is it treating grown adults like children?

Need your help on this one.  What do you think?

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