The holiday shopping season is fast approaching. That means seasonal jobs are opening up. Whether you’re in school and looking for holiday cash, or hoping to find a temporary job that could become permanent, it's a good time for job hunting.

The retail industry will offer the most plentiful opportunities, along with national franchises. Hundreds of thousands of of seasonal jobs will be available. Delivery &  shipping companies will see seasonal spikes, and need additional staff. The hospitality and food service industries will need additional seasonal help as well.

These companies are expected to hire the most seasonal workers this holiday season:


Macy’s expects to hire 83,000 seasonal workers this year. That's an increase of more than 3,000 seasonal employees over last year.


Target plans to add 70,000 seasonal workers in 2013. That's actually 18,000 fewer than last year. Target  already has a large workforce in place. History shows that seasonal jobs at Target often turn into opportunities for permanent positions.



Amazon is expected to add 70,000 seasonal workers in 2013. they've experienced a 40% increase in customer demand. Amazon reports  thousands of seasonal employees went on to become full-time last year.


This retail giant will add 55,000 jobs this holiday shopping season. That represents a 10% increase over last year. They reportedly expect to move part-time positions to full-time and add managers through in house promotions.


UPS will add about 55,000 seasonal employees  this holiday season. It's a shorter shopping season this year. UPS expects a big demand and is looking to be ready.


Kohl’s expects to add 53,070 seasonal workers in 2013. This only a slight increase over last year. Jobs are being filled right now.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us will add 45,000 jobs to their workforce this season. That's not a substantial increase. They expect to keep about 15% of those employees in permanent or full-time positions.


JCPenney has been doing some re branding in recent years. They expect to more than 35,000 seasonal employees this holiday season. That's about the same number as last year.