The best time to go deal hunting isn’t Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Decide Inc. says gifts are often priced below Black Friday levels at various times during the year.

The study found prices for some gifts are lowest early in the holiday season (like right now),  when's the best time to buy? That depends on what you are buying.

Jewelry And Watches
Early March was the best time to buy.

Ugg Boots
September or October is  the best time to buy a pair of Ugg boots.The average price for a pair of women’s “Classic Cardy” Uggs during October and September was $85, down from the list price of $159.95. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday average price was $135 to $137.

The best  time to buy a flat-screen TV is in October. Average price for a Samsung 46-inch LCD TV was $1,159, nearly $200.00 less than $1,355 for the same model on Black Friday.

A Sesame Street Elmo toy is 31% cheaper in September and October than on Black Friday.


What To Wait For
The mid-December price of A Kitchen Aid

Craig Lassig, Getty Images

Artisan Stand Mixer was nearly 20%  cheaper in mid-December than November.

Videogame systems DO show their biggest price drops during Black Friday and Cyber Monday,