Take a look at yourself...how were you made?  How were any of us made?

On my way into work today, I saw a man on a tractor, and I thought to myself, I know for a fact how that tractor was made but I have no idea how the man on the tractor was made.  I can trace the making of the tractor from the pouring of the steel to the foam in the seat cushion.

The making of the man on the tractor is a whole different ball game.  Sure I can trace his family tree back many generations, but ultimately, how was the very first man and the very first woman made and who did this beautiful act?

Take a look at yourself right now.  You see hair, skin, you know you have bones and tissue, blood and a heart, and a brain that keeps it all on track.  Now take a look at the air around you...just the air around you...you see nothing right?  Now imagine this, that's what was here before you and me...nothing.  So how did this skin, blood, bones, heart and brain take this shape?  Better yet, who or what put all this together?

A few days ago, my son came over and we had a talk about this very dilemma.  Was it evolution?  Was it God?  After about an hour of conversation, my son says, "Dad, I want proof there is a God".  And I said to him, "We would all like that".  What my son was saying, is, he wanted to see, with his own eyes, something to prove our beliefs.

I called his attention to the trees blowing outside the window.  I said to him, "Why are those trees blowing"?  He said, "Wind".  I explained to him, the only reason we know the wind is making the trees move is because we have been taught that the wind is making that happen.  But what if we didn't know anything about wind?  What if, as we stood in the dining room looking out the window...the trees started to move and we had no knowledge of wind.  We would think David Copperfield were in our yard.  We only know the wind blows trees because we've learned that's what wind can do, we understand wind, and we can feel wind.

Even though, I do believe in evolution to some degree, I just believe that this planet is too complex to not have a higher power driving it.  So is it a God or a universal power?  Well let's see, just like the wind I can feel the spirit of a higher power, I know this because it's moved me to tears.  Like wind I have never seen God but have seen both move things.  And I have books that teach me about evolution and about God, just like the books in school that taught me about wind.

Whether you believe in God, evolution, or something else, the message here I guess is, in this world, you can't always believe what you can see.  But  sometimes you can believe what you can't.