My dog, Lil' Bit, loves her "babydoll".  It's an Aflac duck that Debbie Ray's husband Dave gave to me.  When I would squeeze it, and it would say AAAAFFFFLLLLAAAAACCCCC really loud, Lil' Bit would go crazy.  I thought for certain that, if I gave it to her, she would rip it to shreds, but I was wrong; she is very gentle with it and sleeps with it under her chin!

Anyway, the other day I left the back door open so that the dogs could go out to potty.  Evidently, Lil' Bit took her duck out with her, and dropped it into a puddle.  When I called them back in, it stayed outside over night, soaking up some good yard juice.

When I found it the next day I was able to get it to say "Aflac", but only a few times before it went kapoot!  (I caught the duck's last words on this video!)