Earlier today a severe storm rolled through the Judice area, power out to many.

The storms out in Judice seem to be more intense than other places in Lafayette parish.  Since moving here about a year ago, I've seen what would be regular afternoon showers other places, turn into severe weather.  Today was no different.

The beginning of what turned out to be quite a storm, started at about 3PM and lasted for well over an hour.  Knocking out power to many households in the area.  I was without power for a while and every television, stereo, electric clock, modem and router had to be reset when power returned.  Ugh!

Not sure if this tree had anything to do with the power outage, but I sure did jump when it was hit by lightning not far from where I was standing.  The noise and feel, was intense.

The weather is absolutely perfect now.  Amazing!

Tree Hit By Lightning In Judice

Photo by CJ

Debris From Lightning Hit Tree

Photo by CJ