I was driving home from work today and I came across a scene that reminded me of what I would have done when I was a kid:  make the most of it.

I was traveling down the Youngsville Highway when I saw a young boy, in a plastic tub, "rowing" across a flooded parking lot.

Making the most of it!


Turns out, this young man's name is Lane, son of Lori Buswell, and he was killing time while his mother was visiting with the folks at Curious Goods.

I remember when it would rain a lot when we were kids, we'd go into "Mrs. Betty's lot" next door and grab crawfish to bring to my grandmother for her arts and crafts!  We would also take scrap pieces of wood from my dad's workshop, and scrap pieces of cloth from mom's sewing room, and make sailboats to float across the flooded lot.  Great memories!

Row on, Lane, row on!