2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Ian Fleming's flamboyant, Martini loving, womanizing super spy James Bond.

The latest installment in the 007 Saga, Skyfall, raked in nearly $88 million over the weekend. The title song from Adele is top 10.

I LOVE James Bond movies! Haven't seen Skyfall yet, but friends tell me it doesn't disappoint. It's on my agenda to see it before week's end. Since 1962, 23 Bond movies have been made.

Subsequently, there's a lot of usable trivia for radio contests. Every Monday through Friday, i do a trivia giveaway called the "Midday Mindbender." Yesterday's question: "What was the only Bond theme to top Billboard's Hot 110 Chart?" Answer: "A View To A Kill", by Duran Duran.  We'll be playing Bond Trivia all this week, so brush up!