Legendary Chef John Besh says he's getting back to basics with his new TV show. He's  has cooked for millions on TV, and in his eight restaurants in Louisiana & Texas. He  says a discussion with his wife Jennifer made him realize he'd lost sight of the true importance of cooking, the family dinner table. Besh says Jennifer, "called me out on it."
His new show, "Chef John Besh's Family Table" was shot in his home, and will air on Public Television. He'll be preparing family-friendly meals and providing advice on getting the most cost effective use out of ingredients.

Besh said he hopes the show will bring families back to gathering around the supper table.

We've lost sight of that family table, which has always been that glue that holds our culture together. The family table is where we communicate and learn how to communicate and negotiate. - Chef John Besh

Besh has four sons, aged 17-8.  His latest cookbook, "My Family Table: A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking" is  a source of recipes to be made on the show. Besh's four boys all play sports. He says, "we live at the ball field, and I'm amazed at how many kids are being raised on food from the bag."
He also says, "To be a chef in New Orleans, you're a steward of a great tradition and one of many who will pass it on. Maybe I'm inspiring the next generation of Louisiana chefs."
Besh says it will be easier for viewers in other parts of the country to prepare dishes from the new show, because he'll use ingredients that are more accessible to them. I can't wait!