If you're right-handed, you probably never think about the adversity we "Southpaws" encounter on a daily basis.
Writing is a total hassle. Measuring cups, scissors, and car interiors are backward. Typing isn't any fun, either.

1.  Writing with a ballpoint pen is awkward and messy because we write left to right. Lefties have to push the pen across the page.  The tip of the pen digs into the paper, and we get ink all over our hands. It can also smudge.

2.  Driving: You hold the wheel with both hands, so steering isn't a big deal. Shifting, the ignition, radio & A/C controls are on the right.  We have to handle our drinks with the rig

ht hand, because the cup holder is in the center console.

3. Lefties die an average of nine years younger than right-handers. Studies show that we're six time more likely to die an accidental death. Most vehicles and machines are designed for right-handers.

4.  Measuring cups display the metric side when picked up with the left hand. A right-hander sees the "standard" English measurements.  A leftie has to convert the metric measurements, or turn it around.

5.  There are no left-handed can openers. I'd invite you to try twisting the handle with your wrong hand, but...

6.  The pens on credit card machines attach on the right.  And the cords are too short to reach around to the other side.

7.  The number pad is on the right side of a computer keyboard,  so we have to learn to use it with the wrong hand, or reach across our bodies. I've come to love the voice recognition features on my iphone.

Lefties tend to excel in both sports, and the arts. The right hemisphere of the brain is the home of creativity & abstract thinking. Great examples include Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr & Meryl Streep. When Jonathan Cain & Neal Schon of Journey signed my CD, they did it left-handed.
Ten-time NBA champion Phil Jackson, and 3-time Nascar champion Tony Stewart are lefties. Four of the top seven home run hitters are lefties: Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey, Jr. & Jim Thome., Eight time batting champ Tony Gwynn Jr., and seven time champ Rod Carew were both Left-Handed hitters.  How about hockey?  Wayne Gretzky & Bobby Orr, both left handed shots.

Left handed schoolchildren used to get smacked with a ruler.
Not me. The principal of my high school was left handed.