I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, which isn't unusual for me, and I seem to have a harder time each year getting to it.

With Shannon being 'out of town', she's not here to remind me to go shopping; she has a pretty good idea of who I need to buy for, and she keeps pretty good tabs for me (when she is here, of course).

Had she been here, she might have been able to warn me about purchasing perishables (to be delivered) for my co-workers (CJ, Deb, Steve, don't read this!).  It seems that the package "didn't make it on to the truck" on Friday morning, so those perishables have been sitting in the warehouse all weekend...... I am hoping that it's not heated in there!

Anyway, American's aren't the only ones who aren't finished buying, wrapping and labeling two weeks out:  it seems that our relatives across the pond are still at it, too.


(Via The Guardian)