I just spent two hours listening to the stories of some incredible women. Today was the luncheon honoring the Lafayette Commission on the Needs of Women's 'Women of Excellence.'(I was fortunate to be named among them back in 2002, which seems like a lifetime ago.) As I learned of the amount and importance of the public service these women have performed, I was amazed at their energy and dedication, and felt privileged to count several of them among my friends and colleagues. Many of them serve our community as part of their employment in non-profits and government-related jobs but they still volunteer their time to many important organizations and causes, and not one of them seemed to consider it work. They referred to it as a duty or a calling. And they're right. Each one of us has a responsibility to do what we can to make our homes, our city and our world a better place. I was inspired by what I heard today. Thanks to all the honorees for the example they are setting for future generations.

2013 Women of Excellence Award Winners

  • Paula Woodson Blanchet
  • Carlos Cooper Boudreaux
  • Kathy P. Comeaux
  • Rose Hoffman Cormier
  • Jill Howell Dugas
  • Diana Lubieki
  • Joyce Ben Richard
  • Jennifer Simms
  • Tracy Wirtz
  • Catherine Andrew