Nidal Balbiesi, proprietor of several Lafayette dining establishments announced today that he is closing Trynd Restaurant and Boutique Lounge, in the circa 1916 Masonic Lodge building (formerly Stan's) at 116 E. Vermilion St.

Here's the email he sent to patrons today:

My Dear Friends, 

I wanted to take a moment and let you all know that as of June 1st, we are closing Trynd and leasing the building to new tenants for a joint event space/ bar venture.

It has been an incredible year and we have enjoyed the experience with each of you.  We were able to build, what I feel, was Lafayette's finest dining establishment.  I loved that it gave me a chance to serve so many of you and be a part of your memories as you celebrated special occasions in our dining room and on our balcony.

While I wish Trynd could continue, my focus must return to Zeus and Agave, as they continue to grow rapidly and franchise opportunities are arising throughout Louisiana and in states throughout the country.

You have always supported my family and our dreams.  We are the perfect example of why this city is the amazing place it is and why hard work always creates opportunity.

I look forward to seeing you at our Agave and Zeus locations.

My sincerest thanks,
Nidal Balbeisi


We appreciate the positive remarks about Lafayette and wish you and your staff well.