Lafayette, come on, why do we do this?  Almost shutting down a major thoroughfare in the city causing major congestion, even accidents...for a sandwich...REALLY!?What are we going to do about the people who continue to disregard the signs that clearly say 'No Parking On Pavement' in front of Chick Fil A on Ambassador Caffery?  Ambassador Caffery goes down to one lane when this happens.  We need all the lanes we can get!  This is dangerous and unnecessary.  Has anyone been ticketed?

Yesterday, while in the turning lane waiting for the light to change so that I could turn left onto what I believe is still Robley right there by Circle K, I whipped out my phone to document the traffic congestion caused by cars overflowing the Chick Fil A parking lot.  It may not have been the right thing to do while driving, but remember, I was in the turning lane waiting for the light to change.  As I crept up to the light, I shot this video.