A group of Lafayette teachers have started a Facebook page aimed, according to them, at "pursuing moderate and practical changes in our approach to local education. "

The Facebook page is Teachers Standing For Solutions.

My sister is an educator in Vermilion Parish, and when I saw the link this page on her timeline, I knew that I had to do my part in 'getting the word out'.

One of the posts on the page is from the creators of the page:

Teachers Standing For Solutions is Abby Breaux, Jennifer Guillory, Linda Rhoads and Andrea Thibodeaux -- as well as many others concerned about the discipline and assesment distractions that are eroding the quality of educational time. This discussion is in support of the children of public education who deserve better than what's become the norm.
If you recall, Abby Breaux is the teacher that read her very powerful, emotional letter to the Lafayette Parish School Board, a letter that ended up being published in the Washington Post.
With many of the policies that have been adapted in Louisiana over the past several years, it seems that some teachers are spending most of their time trying to make certain that the schools' "grades" are good, instead of spending time making sure that the students learn.
I hope that the creation of this page serves as a platform for creative discussion, information dissemination, and as a voice for teachers in Acadiana.