I know that a lot of the stories that make the news are about crime and corruption, but I had to share this story of Good Samaritans in Lafayette...

I was reading through my Facebook feed today when I read this status update from my friend Hazel:

There are still good people in this world. I had a flat today due to some kind of large piece of metal. I call my son and in the meantime I started finding the jack and figuring out how to get the spare tire out. I had everything out and was trying to figure out where the jack was suppose to go when a man came and asked if I needed help. Then another man came and helped him. By the time my son got there ( and my son was coming from between Sunset and Opelousas to north side of Lafayette by the Home Depot) they were finishing up. They didn't want anything but a thank you so that is what I did and told them god bless you for the help.
It's good to know that we still have good people in Lafayette!!