I received this 'message' on Facebook earlier this day:


  • Brandy Cavitt

    I hate to ask you this, but will you post the link for my Swamp Pop shirt? I am winning by the hardest, but the two girls who designed the other shirt are beasts at getting votes and there are TWO of them! I'm trying to win mostly because this is my favorite Louisiana tshirt shop and they only have ONE South LA themed shirt!!! No hard feelings if this feels spammy, I totally understand. You are always a gentleman and I'd love ya either way! Thanks BC

Who am I to deny a plea like that?

It seems that Storyville Apparel holds contests like this from time-to-time; the winner gets $1000 and Storyville gets new shirt designs..... sounds fair to me!  Here's Brandy's design:


Click on this image to vote for Brandy's design for the Storyville contest (storyville.com)


This contest is an easy one to vote for; just click this link while you are logged into Facebook, and then click "Like" when the page opens up....  it's that easy!  Let's help Brandy win her lil' competition!  (At the time of this post, she was in the lead, but not by much!!  Let's vote for her design!!).


(Via Storyville)